New album «Inoe» (2012) in new edition (update mix 2013): available for download
New album «Inoe» («Other»). Coming soon!

Autumn mood by Arckadich from Teehy Jah (lyric and music)
director and camera-man - Denis Repin
Main role plays Roge Jofroi
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Teehy Jah is indie rock band formed in Kirov, Russia in 2002.

Style: easy listening melodic rock, brit pop. For fans of Beatles, Oasis, Blur, A-ha, Travis and all beauty lightful music.

NME about Teehy Jah: it is commercial music, that is sold in every music store in the West.

The band recorded three self-released albums “Pobeda” (The Victory), “Vsyakie ptitcy” (Different Birds), “Nebo Vyglyadit Stranno” (The Sky Looks Strange). Songs from them are available for download on official web site www.ti-ja.ru

Teehy Jah won awards on main russian indie rock festivals: Pod’yom (Kirov), Ravnodenstvie (Kazan), Rock-line (Perm), Trampline (Cheboksary), Sdvig (Vologda), Belomor- Boogie (Arkhangelsk), Staryi Novy Rock (Ekaterinburg).

The band’ music is translated on radio stations of russian cities Moscow, St Petersburg, Kirov, Cheboksary, Arkhangelsk, Kazan, Vologda.

One of the special point of band’ activity is video. All clips are made in Kirov and produced by Denis Repin, band’ manager. You can see unique pictures from far away Russia. Every clip was nominated for different Russian independent music video awards.

Teehy Jah shows the possibility of creation interesting and well done music not only in Moscow and St Petersburg where happens 99% of pop/rock events of Russia but also in other regions. That’s the reason for searching sources of new music deep inside of big country.

August 2008 Teehy Jah released new CD “Veschi S Novogo Alboma” (Things From New Album) on A&B records, Moscow.

Oleg Perevoschikov (Arcadich) – ideas, guitar, vocal, other instruments
Anton Pavlov (Chukotka) – bass
Volodya Ermolaev (Spaceman) – guitar
Mikhail Krotov (Mr.Frodo or Hobbit) – drums
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