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Year of creation: 2002
Location: Kirov (Vyatka), Russia

Style: simple melodic art-rock mixed brit-pop.
For peoples who loves «The Beatles», «A-Ha», «Coldplay», «Oasis» and other beautiful and light music.

NME magazine (Russian edition) about "Teehy Jah": «…Its commercial music, like that in any European store»
Ekaterina Borisova - famous russian musical journalist from FUZZ magazine: «Styleful and locally brutal brit-pop»

Oleg Arkadich – guitar, vocal;
Vladimir Ermolaev ("Spaceman") – guitar;
Anton Pavlov ("Tchukotka") – bass;
Michael Krotov ("Mr. Frodo") – drums.
Denis Repin – sound and management.

Discography: «Pobeda» («Victory») - 2001, «Vsyakie Ptitsy» («Different Birds») - 2003,
«Nebo Vyglyadit Stranno» («Sky looks strange») - 2006, «Veschy s novogo alboma» («Things from new album») - 2008

Band have performing in next russian sities and towns: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kirov, Izhevsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Tcheboxary, Vologda, Arkhangelsk, Perm, Kungur, Glazov.

General performs from 2002 untile 2008: Festivals «Ravnodenstvie» (Kazan), «Podyom» (Kirov), «Rock-line» (Kungur), «Klinskoe-Prodvizhenie» (Kirov), «Trampline» (Tcheboxary), «Sdvig» (Vologda, «Rock-Podyom» (Kirov), «11-th Belomor Boogie» (Arkhangelsk), «Udar» (Kirov), «LIVEn» (Kirov), «Stary novy rock. NA VOLNE» (Sverdlov region), «Rock Yolka 2005» (Perm), concerts in clubs of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kirov, Izhevsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Glazov.
At the «Trampline» festival was special prised for best sound recording: 500 promo CD and film about the band.
At the festival of «Sdvig» was maintain 4-th stage in the nomination of «rock».

Band was playing at one stage with famous russian rock bands: «Tchaif», «Aria», «Agata Cristy», «Aquarium», «Zveri», «Pilot», «Multfilmy», «Torba-na-Kruche», «5’nizza», «Lumen», «…I drug moy gruzovik», «7000$» and other

Music of Teehy Jah was performed at FM-radio: Moscow, Vyatka, Arkhangelsk, Theboxary, Kazan and Vologda.

September 2004 – presentation of first music video «Mashina».

Winter 2005 – Music video «Mashina» rotation was started on music channels Neo-TV and O2TV (Moscow)

April 2005 – was take part in tribute of «Mayakovsky Zhivoy» (project of «Live Radio» and «ANTROP»)

May 2005 - was recording the new album

June 2005 - performing in the live air of Peterburg TV «STO»

July 2005 - performing at the allrussian festival «Stary novy rock. NA VOLNE» (Sverdlov region)

September 2005 – presentation of second music video «Rabid Dog» (director Denis Repin, camera-man Sergey Kovrizhnyh).

October 2005 - was finished 3-rd and 4-th music videos "Prosti Zhe Menya" and "Ya Idu K Tebe" (director Denis Repin, camera-man Dmitry Platunov), bringing for release 3-rd album.

December 2005 – performing at the interregional festival «Yolka v stile Rock - 2005» (Perm)

February 2006 – concert in live air of music television «Î2 TV» (Moscow)

May 2006 ã. – release of 3-rd album «Nebo Vyglyadit Stranno»

Publication and recenses archive
FUZZ music magazine, L. Rebrina. Recense of demo of "Teehy Jah". April 2005
NME music magazine about "Teehy Jah".
ROLLING STONE music magazine. September, 2004
FUZZ music magazine, A. Antsiferov. "Teehy Jah" on the "SDVIG" festival (Vologda)
FUZZ music magazine, E. Borisova. "Teehy Jah" on the "Rock-Podyom" festival (Kirov)
FUZZ music magazine, E. Borisova. "Teehy Jah" on the "Belomor Boogie" festival (Arkhangelsk)
ZVUKI.RU music server, E. Borisova. "Teehy Jah" on the "SDVIG" festival (Vologda)
ZVUKI.RU music server, E. Borisova. "Teehy Jah" on the "Rock-Podyom" festival (Kirov)
ZVUKI.RU music server, E. Borisova. "Teehy Jah" on the "Belomor Boogie" festival (Arkhangelsk)
FUZZ music magazine, recense of "Pobeda" album. December, 2002.
Vadim Styazhkin music-shop PLAY, recense of "Vsyakie Ptitsy". December, 2002.

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